My experience at the Ryder Cup

 I am planning to soon write a post that will be more desirable to the evangelical world;  but, first, I have to talk about my experience this past Thursday.  My friend called me  Wednesday night and invited me to the practice round at the Ryder Cup.  The Ryder    Cup is a match-play tournament between, presumably, the 12 best players from good ole’ USA and Europe.  Currently USA is winning 9 to 7, I look forward to today’s rounds.


Thursday morning we woke up early and made our way to historic Valhalla golf course.  “Valhalla” I found out is a viking term meaning “a place like heaven.”  Though I would not describe the course as heavenly, it was very beautiful.  Here I was in my own city, Louisville, KY, and I was standing in the middle of the golf world for one day.  Around 10:30 am the players came out of their closets and the USA team began making their way around the back nine.  Boo Weekly, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Stewart Cink, J.B. Holmes, Kenny Perry.  I was most excited to see Holmes, Weekly, and Mickelson.  J.B. Holmes blasted a drive 30 yards past the rest of his teammates, Phil Mickelson approached the green with his infamous 64 degree wedge and Boo Weekly, when called “Bo weekly” sarcastically remarked, “It has two O’s.  How do you get Bo out of that?”  We watched Jim Furyk hit a second shot into the #10 bunker.  You have no idea how deep those things are when you watch on TV.  His head was below ground level…I found it humorous.  

Well, we spent the morning taking pictures, marveling at the rises and ridges of various greens, and chasing the USA players like little children trying to run-down the ice cream man.  After watching a foursome hit their drives on the eighteenth, we made our way to the front nine to watch the European team.  Sergio Garcia makes it hard to be patriotic.  Why can’t he be American … he’s so exciting to watch play.  I got to watch Sergio hit a drive and characteristically yell at it as it made its way toward the fairway.  Then, we got lucky enough to have a hooked drive nearly hit us.  My friends and I, with many others in the gallery, formed a little u-shape around the ball.  Over the crest came the recent US Open and PGA Championship claimant, Padraig Harrington.  Exhilirating…this guy is apparently the number three golfer in the world.  His caddy yelled at us to move back and he made a snide remark about the rough that made us all laugh.  Out came the three wood and he hit that thing about 200 yards down the fairway, just like I do on Tiger Woods Golf…that was the pinnacle of the experience for me.  

My recommendation for watching the PGA … wear tennis shoes and sit at one hole.  I’m still sick and recovering from Thursday… 



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