Around the horn (9/21-9/27)

Is the “emerging church” label drying up?
Also see this from CT:

Great pics of the universe (then read Ps. 19):

Dr. Moore on how the Trinity is involved in adoption:

The Gospel according to emerging church leader (starter?) Brian McLaren may (not) surprise:

Here is a link to a Christian group airing a pro-Obama message in Ohio. Notice the biblical language:

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight is beginning a series of blog posts on the word “gospel”, which will be interesting to follow:

An insightful post by Tim Perry (associate professor of theology at Providence College and Theological Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada) at the First Things blog on “Sin and Cinema”:

“So are people basically good? Perhaps the temptation to think so is just another remnant of sin in the world, somewhere between pride and deception, because it just doesn’t square with the world as we experience it. And we find a truer expression, not always in our churches, but in the stories of our day—including those found in cinema. The only language that does justice in expressing to this condition is the language of sin. Human beings are sinners. That’s the bad news. The good news is that only sinners can be saved.”

Veggie-Tale Rock, coming to a town near you!

On a recent trip, Jenn and I listened to 2 of C.J. Mahanney’s sermons, one entitled “Don’t waste your humor,”“Don’t waste your sports.” Both are excellent and worth listening to. and its counterpart,

The Yankees bid farewell to their 85 year-old stadium with a win:

USA defeats Europe to win the Ryder Cup!

Google will now run pro-choice AND pro-life advertisements on its search engine:

“Google has heretofore claimed to be neutral on life issues, while actually hewing very strongly to one side — favoring abortion advocacy and providers. Sued in the United Kingdom by a British group called the Christian Institute, it recently settled out of court and agreed to run abortion-oriented ads from pro-life as well as pro-choice clients.”

Take this ridiculous McCain vs. Obama test. Which President would you choose?

Although I may not see the movie, I was encouraged to read that Kirk Cameron, star of the Christian film “Fireproof,” will only kiss his wife and not another actress who plays his wife in the film.

Video of the Week (you’re not going to believe this):

Dave Schrock has a good post on the new “Green Bible” from Harper-Collins:

The Christian video gaming company, Digital Praise, has made a Guitar Hero (the insanely popular rock band video game) spinoff for the Christian community called “Guitar Praise.” Instead of Zeppelin, Metallica and Ozzie, you can play along with Hillsong, Petra, and TobyMac:

Pic(s) of the week: Who would you rather have?



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2 responses to “Around the horn (9/21-9/27)

  1. asadawg

    I’m pretty sure that the quiz does not gather enough information (or shall we say that it’s rigged) when I find out that I agree with Barak Obama on the issue of gay marriage.

  2. Josh Philpot

    Haha! That’s great.

    I had 4 or 5 points on which I agreed with Obama. But most of the quote are ambiguous and you have no context. That would be the equivalent to reading Leviticus without reading the rest of the story.

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