Unveiling the Cross: An Introduction

There is a song by The Swift that is mostly comprised of one line, “This is the love song”  It’s a catchy song that I find myself singing and whistling constantly its main repetitious lines, “This is the love song…”, and I find myself only wanting.  There are so many rich songs offering praise to God, and all that I can conjure up in my mind is “This is the love song!”  Why don’t I sing Martin Luther’s famous “A Mighty Fortress is our God” or the more contemporary “There is a Higher Throne” by Keith and Kristyn Getty. 

Here’s the point:  My quest for an intellectually and spiritually deeper praise song to sing illustrates my general concern for all Christians and their knowledge of basic Christian doctrines.  Ignorance of Christian truth is a great malody in the contemporary church.  This is why we constantly seek to entertain.  Pastor’s don’t know truth, so they can’t give it, so they make us laugh, sing happy songs that help us leave feeling good and glad we just wasted our time.

We don’t know God, nor His love, because we don’t know or understand the magnificent, glorious truth of the Gospel.  Why do we say the cross is center to our faith?  What’s the big deal about the cross?  Our answer is, “Well, Jesus died for you and me.”  That’s true if you wish to give the very minimum.  It is my argument that the cross, and its proclamation – the Gospel – is the key to a vibrant, beautiful, fulfilling, joyful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The cross is not just the Romans road – the entrance to Christianity – it is the very bricks on which we walk. If you don’t know this, then the real experience of being a Christian will be mundane, distant and purposeless.  This is the diagnosis of scores of Christians.  Ignorance my friends, is not bliss…The best we can do is to think of Jim Cavezal’s re-enactment.  I’d argue that James Caviezel knows more about the passion of the Christ, not as a movie, but as a historical reality, than most Christians do.

So here we go…I have pondered and pondered what my contribution would be to this blog.  That’s why I haven’t written much lately.  I wish to be intentful… so here is my intent.  I want to share with you, my readership, whoever you may be, whatever you may now believe, the central truth of Christianity.  I want you to understand more fully the marvelous word of the cross. Posts will come up, most of the time, on Monday/Tuesday evenings.  Until then…




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3 responses to “Unveiling the Cross: An Introduction

  1. Jenn

    I’m looking forward to it!!

  2. Brandy

    I’m excited to hear your thoughts Randall!! This was a good preview post of insightful things to come!

  3. crandallbreland


    I’d love to have you put up a post in the series. You’ve been reading Piper’s book, “50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die.” We need some of you ladies to share with the world your wisdom!

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