College Ministry

And be very, very wary of a campus ministry that seems to resent the time you spend with your church as ‘competing’ with their ministry. -Russell Moore

I am curious to see what everyone thinks about this article by Dr. Moore. I am really thankful for college ministries. Both of my sisters are heavily involved in BCM and RUF at their colleges, and it’s exciting to hear about the great work that is going on there. However, it would be a detriment to their Christian lives if they were not also involved at local churches. I say that having spent three church-deprived years of my life doing campus ministry. Was there fruit and value in it? Yes. But was there also an incredible emptiness in my life, living a Christian life outside of a local congregation? Yes, as well. Even if college is a temporary place in life, Christians still need to be active members of local churches. That should be the first priority before any other ministries are added on. What do some of you other former RAs, SLDs, Prayer Leaders, etc. think?



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  1. Jenn

    Thanks for sharing this article with us, Andy. I agree with you and Dr. Moore that campus ministries can be profitable and that God can use them in various ways in college students’ lives. But there is a real danger in being exclusively involved in them to the point of cutting ourselves off from the church.

    I think it’s tempting to make campus ministries our congregation because it’s fun at first. We’re surrounded by good music, friends who are like us, and exciting opportunities to serve the Lord. But we are missing out on more than we may realize. How can college students fulfill Titus 2, where older women are to teach younger ones how to love their husbands and take care of the home, if they are isolated from older women? How can we follow I Tim 5:3, which commands us to honors widows if we have no widows in our college class?

    I wish that I had followed Dr. Moore’s advice and joined a church in our college town, but instead I was a prayer leader and mostly went to campus church. I tried out a number of other places in Lynchburg through my years there, but never committed to a church to the point that there would be accountability if I missed a service. When Josh and I got married I began to realize that I was going into the ministry without much recent experience serving in the local church. I had missed out on other age groups, and on all the wrinkles of serving and growing in the Lord together with a group of people very different from me…the other body parts in the body of Christ.

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