From Gospel For Asia: Christians Martyred in Orissa

The following is an excerpt from Gospel For Asia’s website :

Three more believers were martyred and twelve others were severely wounded in a fresh wave of violence in Orissa, India, on September 30. The latest attacks occurred in villages near Kandhamal, which has been the epicenter of violence against Christians since August 22.

The violence in Orissa came as attacks in two other Indian states targeted a Christian pastor and a Bridge of Hope center.

An estimated 30 Christians have been killed and thousands of others have lost their homes since Hindu extremists went on a rampage after their leader, Swami Laxmananda Saraswati was murdered. His followers are seeking revenge for his death, for which Christians have been blamed. However, Maoists have claimed responsibility for the murder.

A Gospel for Asia correspondent in Orissa said Tuesday’s attacks came at 4:30 a.m. when mobs of as many as 5,000 Hindu extremists attacked three separate villages. The extremists burned down about 150 homes and three churches. The Indian media reports that police opened fire in an attempt to disperse the violent forces.

Despite such persecution, the Gospel is booming in Asia (not to mention Latin America and Africa).  Too donate financial aid for the persecuted church in India and Nepal visit

– Asa


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  1. Nate Duriga

    Asa! Thanks so much for posting this. I just put something on my blog about it, too. I appreciate your concern for the suffering members of the body; this is evidence of the power of the gospel in your life.

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