Double-decker Dumping


Great Britain has reached a new level of secularization as the government is beginning to move and remove older gravesites because of supposed land limitations.  Apparently “burial space in England and Wales will be full in 30 years, while some urban boroughs are already out of room.”  The problem is clearly not a space issue as one scan over Great Britain on Google Maps shows that they aren’t running out of space any time soon.  The issue is that culturally they have lost any regard for the human body after death.  “Human remains are to be dug up and re-buried deeper in the ground in double-decker graves to tackle a shortage of space for new burials.”  The fact that two-thirds of the English get cremated each year demonstrates that they are loosing all contact with the past as they stack and rack corpses.  This is the natural progression of hedonistic thought.  Once the body looses its value it is only a matter of time before the dead are longer regarded.  It is only a matter of time before this disregard for the dead will eventually permeate all areas of life, no only in England but in America as well.  It will be the responsibility of the living to plan on eliminating themselves after death. The Christian community has historically valued the saints who have gone before as the church looks forward to the resurrection of the body despite death.  The church must therefore clearly hold to its veneration of the dead, as it looks toward the resurrection and reunion of the soul with the body in the psychosomatic unity that is the composition of man.




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  1. Hey Brad,

    I sympathize with the notion that we ought to value life, treat the body of the dead with dignity and with the future expectation of resurrection, and am also wary of cremation (because of the pagan origin and symbolism), but I’m not sure that I am as concerned as you when I read this article. Veneration for the dead can also be a sign of a very pagan culture that worships dead ancestors. Burial is also very very expensive (its hard to bury someone for less than $10,000!!!). How should a poor Christian family with very limited resources approach this subject? Does this trump fiscal responsibility? Should they go into heavy debt to pay for a burial? If I disagreed with you (which I don’t really), why should I bury instead of cremate? What do you mean by veneration of the dead? I don’t think I disagree with you in principle but these things are difficult. In my state, more people cremate than bury people so we are very much like England. More Christians cremate (in Washington) than bury. Is it wrong to cremate? Or is burial just preferable?

    How are you by the way? Long time no see!

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