The Hypocrisy of Gay Marriage Activists

street-signs2I am weary of talking about this issue.  I am weary of the tired rhetoric of homosexual activists.  I am weary of Keith Olberman’s polarizing caricatures of conservatives.  Most of all, I am weary of the liberal intolerance (interesting article here).  There will be a powder keg issue on the ballots for the next 12 years.  No, sadly, we cannot vote on propositions to halt the murders of unborn children.  The issue will be homosexual marriage.  There is a militant drive to adopt such legislation across the United States seen just recently in the Pan-American protests in lieu of the majority’s acceptance of Proposition 8 in California.


When gay marriage is accepted in America, we will lose something which Americans have treasured since we founded this nation – separation of church and state.  Incidentally, Separation of Church and State began as a Baptist doctrine.  Read on the life of early Baptist pastor James Leyland if you don’t believe me.  Separation of church and state is something the liberals don’t even understand, and the evangelicals hate the “wall of separation,” not realizing that they should be grateful for it and support it!  This is because both are working from the same understanding of the idea.  Incidentally, godlessness and atheism is as much a “church” as Christianity and Islam, and the state must be separated from such control. 


I slap my forehead when I hear the protestors chanting “Separate Church and State!”  Oy vey!  When gay marriage had been legalized in California they immediately began to pressure the Methodist church telling them to “live up” to their slogan (“Open hearts, open minds”) by performing gay marriages.  School children had to sign pledges to accept gay marriage.  Similarly, a pastor in Canada (where gay marriage is accepted) was arrested in the last year for preaching that homosexuality was a sin.  So the state has begun to make hermeneutical interpretations for the Church up in Canada.  Also of note, a Christian adoption agency was shut down in Great Britain because it was their personal conviction not to allow homosexuals to adopt.  There were plenty of other orphanages and adoption agencies through which homosexuals could achieve this, but they specifically targeted the Christians.  Shutting down orphanages to achieve one’s own agenda… classy.  Article here.


We will eventually see homosexual marriage adopted in America on the Federal level.  This will be a grave time for the Church.  Preachers of the Gospel will be indicted for hate crimes, but hopefully this will not go too far before our leaders see their hypocrisy.  I expect then that, like in the case of abortion, free speech will be allowed to everyone except to Christians in the vicinity of a metropolitan church performing a gay marriage.  In view of such dark times, Christians should take hope in and be reminded that we are citizens of a Kingdom far greater than America.  Build that Kingdom:  Preach the Gospel, though the pagans demand your blood, and Herod rages against the children! 



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8 responses to “The Hypocrisy of Gay Marriage Activists

  1. michaelsicurello


    Fear trumps logic…

    All that will happen if gays are allowed to marry… is that some gays will be married…

    The sky will not fall..



  2. reader12345

    Excellent points.

  3. Josh Philpot

    Good post, Asa. I remember rethinking the separation of church and state issue in our Baptist History course with Dr. Nettles. It was the first time I had heard a prominent evangelical support the separation. Whereas our undergraduate school, even our home churches, constantly spoke against it, the truth should be quite the opposite. Not only do liberals misunderstand the “separation,” conservative Christians do all the more.

    How would you approach this in the church? You write, “Preach the Kingdom.” But should the issue itself be addressed?

  4. asadawg

    A lot to reply to here. Michael, I hope you are right, but I simply do not believe that this will be the case. Nothing happens in a vacuum and this is no exception. There will be repercussions. You did little to calm my fears with your comment. You simply asserted your own opinion on what will happen, with no reply to the real-life situations which I cited. Moreover, implying that one is illogical or stupid is no way to win over support in a debate, but rather creates a straw man which is easy to deconstruct yet only makes the truth more difficult to find.

    I imagine that the article’s last sentence is what has upset you the most and let me explain by saying that this blog is written with our Christian readership in mind. The last sentence references biblical events as a metaphor, reminding the believers that worse has happened (Nero, Sudan, Orissa India, etc.) and that Christians are to remain steadfast in preaching the Gospel despite the circumstances. I am not implying that Christians will be thrown to the lions in America anytime soon, only that churches will lose their tax exempt status in a matter of a few short years. I hope this helps.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  5. asadawg

    I am sorry that I have been unclear. This is what happens when you don’t have a rough draft. I apologize for the shoddy work. The purpose of the article is not to compare gay marriage to abortion, although there will be similar outcomes. The point is that the State will attempt to silence the Church on this issue. Observe the protests at the Mormon Tabernacles (“We demand that you believe like we do!”).

    In fairness, most liberals do not want us to abandon our views, but to be silent about them in the public realm. Asking Christians to abandon their ethical and theological beliefs in politics is oppressive and demands that the Christian check his integrated motif at the door while everyone else is free to engage with their whole being.

    There is a common mantra in liberal thought: You cannot legislate morality. This is inherently false and hypocritical. Liberals believe in legislated morality in the case of murder, rape, feeding the poor, assault, the abolition of slavery, universal suffrage, and fair trade. Why can’t we legislate morality in the case of homosexual marriage, and, yes, abortion?


  6. asadawg

    Thanks, Josh. Your words are more than kind. The Church should and must engage the culture. As we are to be spreading the Kingdom of God through preaching the Gospel, we are also to be working to make this earth reflect the greater city to come. This is what William Wilberforce did. We are to be no different, however, our cultural engagement must take place in the context of the Gospel. We strive for these things because the Gospel is the precursor and seed. Simply going on television and calling out the gays and lesbians to “be straight” is an abandonment of the Gospel. We are to declare that man cannot triumph over sin, but God has. In that context we then tell the world that we are working for the perfection to come.

    See also G. E. Ladd’s “Gospel of the Kingdom” and Russell D Moore’s “The Kingdom of Christ” and Carl F. H. Henry’s “The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism.”


  7. Josh Philpot


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