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How important is marriage?

There was an intriguing article on addressing the issue of a federally funded ad campaign to promote the value of marriage in our society. Looking past the dominant theme of where out tax dollars go, I tried to soak up how the topic of marriage was being handled by the author. She claims that recent preliminary studies show that about 30% less people per 1,000 are getting married now than in 1986. This is surely a result of the “test drive” mentality of marriage which has developed in the last 50 years or so into living together as a prerequisite to marriage itself. As a Christian it is sad every time I hear more news about failing marriages in our country, but if anything it does encourage me all the more to be a more Christ-like leader and lover to my family with the expectation that someday marriage will be perfected when the ultimate Groom will come for His bride and set all things right.



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The world wide web – Are we too entangled?

After the 5 year anniversary of Facebook this past week many conservative Christian blogs have come alive with chatter concerning the effects of our culture’s rapid spread of information and dismissal of personal privacy. To be more specific, how should the body of Christ approach and handle the popularity of social networking and personal blogs to the glory of God? A very thought provoking post by Carl Truman on Reformation 21 is worth your time to read. Although I don’t see eye to eye with him on every statement, he has some wonderful observations and conclusions concerning “textual intercourse” which are sure to at least elicit some critical thinking on the subject.

So what are some pitfalls to be avoided when traversing the social networking world? What are some advantages?

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A word of caution…

As we enter this holiday season, let us all bring to remembrance and take heed concerning what excessive celebration can lead to…

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