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The Gospel Poem


His Wisdom shone forthresurrection3

On Calvary’s tree

And shown to mankind

God’s blessed decree!

Wrath, yet mercy’s beauty –

No indulgence was free.


“Finished!” came the cry

Submission sealed in word;

On Crimson blotted weathered wood

The Church in Him was gird.

Far better than the blood of rams,

The Elect now walk assured!


The Lord, The Lord, just and holy,

While He loved His precious Son

Laid His Righteous wrath upon Him

Forsook Him as His will was done

The Carpenter sighed… then limply hung.

Behold – a greater Priest than Aaron!


They locked Him in a guarded grave

And the damned devils danced with glee

The Eleven hid in despairing doubt

Till Christ appeared in victory!

Then spread their message through the world:

“HE HAS RISEN, and so shall we!”



– by Asa Hart




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