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My experience at the Ryder Cup

 I am planning to soon write a post that will be more desirable to the evangelical world;  but, first, I have to talk about my experience this past Thursday.  My friend called me  Wednesday night and invited me to the practice round at the Ryder Cup.  The Ryder    Cup is a match-play tournament between, presumably, the 12 best players from good ole’ USA and Europe.  Currently USA is winning 9 to 7, I look forward to today’s rounds.


Thursday morning we woke up early and made our way to historic Valhalla golf course.  “Valhalla” I found out is a viking term meaning “a place like heaven.”  Though I would not describe the course as heavenly, it was very beautiful.  Here I was in my own city, Louisville, KY, and I was standing in the middle of the golf world for one day.  Around 10:30 am the players came out of their closets and the USA team began making their way around the back nine.  Boo Weekly, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Stewart Cink, J.B. Holmes, Kenny Perry.  I was most excited to see Holmes, Weekly, and Mickelson.  J.B. Holmes blasted a drive 30 yards past the rest of his teammates, Phil Mickelson approached the green with his infamous 64 degree wedge and Boo Weekly, when called “Bo weekly” sarcastically remarked, “It has two O’s.  How do you get Bo out of that?”  We watched Jim Furyk hit a second shot into the #10 bunker.  You have no idea how deep those things are when you watch on TV.  His head was below ground level…I found it humorous.  

Well, we spent the morning taking pictures, marveling at the rises and ridges of various greens, and chasing the USA players like little children trying to run-down the ice cream man.  After watching a foursome hit their drives on the eighteenth, we made our way to the front nine to watch the European team.  Sergio Garcia makes it hard to be patriotic.  Why can’t he be American … he’s so exciting to watch play.  I got to watch Sergio hit a drive and characteristically yell at it as it made its way toward the fairway.  Then, we got lucky enough to have a hooked drive nearly hit us.  My friends and I, with many others in the gallery, formed a little u-shape around the ball.  Over the crest came the recent US Open and PGA Championship claimant, Padraig Harrington.  Exhilirating…this guy is apparently the number three golfer in the world.  His caddy yelled at us to move back and he made a snide remark about the rough that made us all laugh.  Out came the three wood and he hit that thing about 200 yards down the fairway, just like I do on Tiger Woods Golf…that was the pinnacle of the experience for me.  

My recommendation for watching the PGA … wear tennis shoes and sit at one hole.  I’m still sick and recovering from Thursday… 



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THE Ohio State: USC vs. OSU — Watch out George Lucas, this will fare better than Phantom Menace…


Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State Buckeyes

I’m from Florida, and I love Ohio State football.  Call me a traitor, a bandwagoner, a ‘nut’, but I love Ohio State football!  For that reason, even though I am no sports analyst, I am going to share my opinion for the next 13 weeks concerning Ohio State football.

1990.  Since that year college football has lost a small-jewel of its grandeur.  The USC-Ohio State rivalry is a fantastic inter-league rivalry.  I applaud USC and OSU for renewing this rivalry with the addition of the 12th game onto the schedules this year.


2008.  The time is fast approaching.  8:00 pm EST my house will center around one thing, the proleptic BCS Title Match.  Ok, maybe not, but I’d hope for it to be.  OSU has lost the last 5 matches against USC.  I hope this time Beanie Wells flies right into that Death star and blows that defense to smithereens.  Cheap analogy … but I can guarantee you this … this nearly two decade wait for a re-match will prove much more worth your time than George Lucas’s recent litany of bad films.  This rivalry may be filled with cheap lines (i.e. OSU wide receiver Ray Small’s comments that OSU is classy); but the drama will be real and unfortunately, the OSU force may not be with us.  Somebody give George Lucas free tickets…


In truth, Ohio State’s performance against Ohio was meager and lackluster.  I’d rather watch Lucas’s recent release “Clone Wars.”  Offensively, we are in big trouble.  The line is weak and not allowing Boeckman to stand strong and pick the defense apart.  Boeckman threw 16 for 26 for 110 years (a 4.2 average).  I have a lot of faith in Boeckman, but he can only do so much on his own.  Here’s my fear:  Boeckman’s passes against Ohio were spot-on target, just always a second or two late.  He’s being forced to make quick decisions.  Second, senior USC linebacker Rey Maualuga (115 solo tackles, 81 assists, three interceptions, four forced fumbles) may cause more threat to this line than Darth Vader himself.  Defensively, I was pleased and look forward to this year’s defense being put to an early test with USC’s offense.  As far as passing goes, OSU has the advantage.

 Robiskie, Hartline and Small are a feirce trio.  But, we must not under-estimate USC’s staff.  Damian Williams is very dangerous and USC is known for the deep ball.  USC may gain an advantage by throwing over James Laurinitis’ head.

So what do I think?  I think it rest on the shoulders of Beanie Wells.  If he can produce the normal explosive runs we are used to atleast once a drive (he ran for 1609 yards last season) then this may bring some much needed balance into the offense.  Beanie may have to throw a few blocks of his own – but as we know very well, even Jabba the Hut couldn’t keep Han Salo frozen forever.  Beanie will break free, and when he does, the linebackers will back up, Boeckman will stabilize and we’ll see the chains move.


My prediction – 3rd quarter game.  I think the defense’s will hold back the offenses well.  But in the third quarter, each team will adjust and we’ll see some points going up.  I think OSU may trail by 7 going into the half, which is the most fearsome thing.  OSU is not a come-from-behind team, I hope they’ll prove me wrong. 


By the way, USC QB Sanchez threw for 26 of 35 for 338 yards on Saturday.  Mr. Laurinitis better earn his heisman….Until then, I’ll be working on my ‘force’ skills, hoping I can help Beanie get that ball down the field.  Until next week…


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